How can Dragon Realty Capital help two distinct types of Bankers?

If you are a Private Banker, BDO, Business Banker, or Branch Manger you are sometimes put into a tough position when you have to tell a GOOD client “no” when they apply for a loan.  You can’t get him the loan and you don’t want to lose the client’s other business to a competing bank.

DRC is effectively a “non-competing” lender.  All WE want is the loan.  We don’t take deposits, issue credit cards, do investments, etc.  So we can help those clients that are turned down when they apply for a loan.

If you are a Bank Asset or Loan Portfolio Manager you have those tough days when one of more of your loans go into “technical” or “actual” default.  All you want to do is get that loan OUT of your portfolio.

Second, we don’t mind borrowers with technical default issues and can probably help those with actual default issues turn their properties around (and once we do, we can refer them right back to you).

We have prepared two White Papers that go into detail regarding the ways that DRC can help both types of bankers.  Here are the links:

Retail Banker White Paper
Bank Asset/Portfolio Manager White Paper