Single Family Permanent

Dragon Realty Capital offers fully amortizing permanent loans on non-owner occupied single family properties in most states.   These loans offer a variety of fixed rate terms and documentation choices.  Features of these loans include:

Property Types:  1 to 4 unit SFRs, PUDs (warrantable & non-warrantable), condos, and un-leased purchases.
Loan Amounts:  $200,000 to $2,000,000 (higher by exception)
LTV:  Up to 80%
Amortizations:  30 Year, Fully Amortizing; 3 Year I/O & 27 Year Fully  Amortizing, or 5 year I/O & 5 Year Fully Amortizing.
Debt Service Coverage:  Up to 90% DTI.
Minimum FICO*:  As low as 550!
Prepayment Penalties:   3 year declining
Occupancy:  Investment Only
Documentation:   1003, Borrower Credit Report, Borrower Investment Property Resumé, Appraisal, Purchase Contract/Mortgage Payoff, Prelim, Lease (unless a purchase), Borrowing Entity documentation.
Recourse:  Full Personal
Eligible Borrowers:  U.S. Citizens, Resident Aliens, Foreign Nationals, & Legal Entities
Eligible Markets**:  Urban & Suburban in primary, secondary and tertiary markets
Fees:  $1,495 Administration, $995 Processing, Underwriting (varies), and Documents (varies)
Reports:  Appraisal.

*Credit score requirements vary across programs, affecting LTV, rate, and points charged.


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**Not all programs are available in all states.

Note:  Rates and loan programs can change without notice.