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Would you like to get your loans funded faster than you’re used to?  REALLY funded faster?  If you’re like me, that answer has GOT to be:  “YES!”  OK … the way to do that with DRC is simple:  Use the Broker Documentation Workbook (BDW) on ALL of DRC’s loan submissions.  Why?  I’ll give you 3 reasons:

  1. Q&A Format:  DRC has reduced the loan submission process to mostly a series of questions that you answer on a single spreadsheet in the workbook.  Yes, there are other forms to complete, but it’s LOT easier for you … and for US … if you complete the workbook for your loan submission.
  2. Self-Contained.  Each Workbook is self-contained and allows us to underwrite a deal FAST.  When you return it to DRC, we “unlock” it and go to work immediately.  The better you complete the forms, the FASTER we underwrite (and fund) the deal.
  3. Linked Information.  DRC has maximized the linking of information in the workbook, meaning FAR LESS duplication of information, sending in useless forms, and time consuming uploading on our end.  A few extra minutes of YOUR time completing the workbook saves US hours of underwriting time.

Look … we’re like you:  DRC is interested in CLOSING loans, not in running around asking for tons of really unnecessary information to prove to everyone how smart we are.  Use the BDW on deals you send to DRC.  It will pay off handsomely

Loan Forms Pack (Free Download)
Loan Request Workbook (Free Download)


If you are looking to get better at or to get into the commercial lending business, we have a few products designed just for you.  Check them out.