Did you know that commercial banks can be moody and unpredictable?  It’s true.  For example, one moment they might love loans on self-storage facilities, and the next moment (usually after taking a loss on one of the darlings) they wouldn’t touch a self-storage facility with a ten-foot pole.  

Another reason for the wild mood swings of a bank is liquidity.  If a bank is fully-invested, even the tiniest “hair” on the transaction is a killer.  A hair is a flaw in a commercial loan request.  And here is no such thing as a perfect commercial loan.  Every commercial loan ever funded had some hair on it.

However, if a bank has received a number of loan pay-offs and is sitting on a pile of uninvested cash, the pressure to lend is tremendous.  If you catch the right bank at the right time, one loaded with liquidity, you can even finance an axe murderer!  So how do you KNOW when a lender is ready to lend?

Now there is no way for an investor or a commercial loan broker to know a bank’s mood in advance.  However, if you place your loan request with Dragon Realty Capital, you’re no longer subject to the moodiness.  Dragon Realty Capital has established relationships with both bank and non-bank loan investors such as hedge funds, family offices, and private investors around the USA.  We know who is looking to lend on what TODAY because they tell us… daily.  

So, you can do it the hard way – present your loan to at least 15 banks, three at a time, or do it the EASY way – send your request to Dragon.  If all 15 banks turn you down, (do NOT be surprised if they do), then you’re 5 weeks behind and have no money in your pocket.  Banks don’t lend like they used to, thank the Dodd-Frank act for that.

I use a similar business plan when placing my private money commercial loans with our private investor network.  I prepare a detailed Executive Loan Summary and then place it in front of our VETTED wealthy investors and funds with whom we have established long-term working relationships. On any given day, many of them have money that they are looking to place.

In review:  Plan on submitting your near-bankable commercial loans to fifteen banks or go with funding power of the Dragon.  To submit a loan or loan scenario to Dragon Realty Capital, Click Here, or send your scenario to me at  Finally, you can reach me at 888-578-5441 x83.

Robert McCarthy is the Chief Lending Officer of Dragon Realty Capital and has over 29 years of private money and commercial lending experience.  Brokers, Bankers, and Trusted Advisors can access free marketing white papers at

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