Discuss Your Financing

If you need financing for your investment property, whether a single family home, a large commercial construction project, or something in between, it’s a good idea to give us a call an ask how we can help you achieve your goal, 1-888-578-5441 x81.

It is also a good idea to prepare a few documents for us to review so that we can give you a real answer.  The following are suggested items to have ready:

  1. An Executive Summary describing what you are proposing to do, with some history and your expected outcome.
  2. Your real estate investment/development resumé and project history.
  3. Your Personal Financial Statement, Schedule of Real Estate Owned, and your credit scores.
  4. If you have them and the apply to your request:
    • Lease Summary or Rent Roll.
    • Historical Income and Expense Statements.
    • Your equity investment to date.
    • Any payoffs/mortgage statements, or
    • A purchase and sale agreement.

Some of the forms that you might need are available in the Loan Documentation Workbook below  (click to download) if you don’t have them readily available.