R.E. Professionals

Dragon Realty Capital works with professionals who touch investment and commercial property transactions.

Whether you are full time commercial real estate professional (sales broker,  mortgage broker, or real estate attorney) or a “Trusted Advisor” whose area of expertise sometimes touches on commercial real estate transactions (family law attorney, estate attorney, insurance agent, contractor, architect, or financial advisor), Dragon can help your client get their financing funded.

We have put together a number of “White Papers” to help those of you in your specialties understand our process better, thereby helping to advise your clients better (and improving your value to them).  Each of these White Papers has a follow-up program to help you better understand the concepts we cover, so we ask for your name and email address so we can deliver that to you.

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We pay referral fees and protect our brokers.  Note that not ALL of Dragon’s loan programs are “direct,” so please be sure to ask when discussing a scenario.