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Below you will find brief descriptions and links to various products to help you screen, size, underwrite, submit, and broker different types of commercial loans.  If you have holes in your commercial loan education or would like to get started in the lucrative commercial loan business, then some of these products are definitely for you.

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Commercial Loan Origination Courses

These are either video based or complete courses on how to originate and broker commercial loans.  If you have ever wanted to get into this business but did not know how, look no further.



Underwriting and Quotation Spreadsheets

These spreadsheets allow you to essentially “interview” your prospects and fill in several blanks that nearly complete full underwriting Loan Summary presentation worksheets that you can quickly finish and print out for your lenders.  The Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate Spreadsheets contain the Prequalification Spreadsheets shown below, along with a number of necessary commercial loan forms.

Forms Packs

If you just need commercial loan forms to make it easy for you to collect borrower and property information, then choose one of these Forms Packs.