White Papers, Special Reports, & Registration

The CEO of Dragon Realty Capital has published a series of commercial real estate lending White Papers targeted to specific industries.  Find your industry and click on it to register yourself or firm, receive your Special Report and other special items to help you in your business.

  • Mortgage Brokers – Commercial and Residential
    • How to Market Commercial Loans by Referral… Automatically!
    • Free Marketing Materials.
    • Broker Agreement, W-9, Submission Procedures, etc.
  • Retail Bankers – Private Bankers, BDOs, Business Bankers, Commercial Loan Officers, Branch Managers, etc.
    • How to Keep Clients Even When You Say ‘No’
  • Bank Loan Portfolio or Asset Managers
    • One-Step Loan Portfolio Rehabilitation
  • Trusted Advisors – Attorneys (Family, Estate, & Real Estate), Business Managers, CFPs, CPAs, Consultants, Financial Advisors,  Insurance Agents, Residential Mortgage Brokers, Residential Realtors, Property Managers, Stock Brokers, etc.
    • The Trusted Advisor’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Investors/Borrowers (FORTHCOMING)
    • 1031 Exchanges:  How to Keep the Government from Taking Your Hard Earned Profits!
    • The 7 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make and How to Avoid Them
    • The 8 Things You MUST Know Before You Invest a Dime in Commercial Real Estate
    • The 9 Inside Secrets of Construction Loans
  • Commercial Real Estate Brokers
    • Commercial Real Estate Transaction Closing Secrets